Urinary Fistula Treatment in Jaipur

A urinary fistula is an abnormal collection between a urinary tract organ and another organ or an abnormal opening within a urinary organ. It processes out urine and carries it out of the body through the kidney bladder, ureter tube and urethra. Urinary organ or vaginal connections are also called a vaginal foetus. A fistula is a hole in the vagina bladder or any other organ that allows the stool, urine or other matters to pass where it should not thus resulting in urine leakage and faeces from the vagina due to the abnormal connection.

Urinary Fistula Key points

  • Urinary fistula is an abnormal connection between a urinary tract organ and another organ or an abnormal opening in an organ of the urinary tract
  • Urinary fistula can cause infection and incontinence.
  • Open urinary fistula occurs from trauma, after surgery, because of radiation treatment or due to certain diseases.
  • The most common reason for urinary fistula is pelvic surgeries or abdominal surgeries such as Caesarean section and hysterectomy after the damage to the bladder.
  • Most of the time the urinary fistula can be repaired with surgery

Possibility of different types of fistulas

Signs include:
  • An opening between the vagina and the bladder is a vesicovaginal fistula that is the most frequent kind of urinary fistula in women. Mostly it occurs due to a previous hysterectomy or sometimes difficult labour.
  • An opening between the bladder and the bowel is an enterovesical fistula which is another most common urinary fistula.
  • An opening between the bladder and the uterus is a vesicouterine fistula
  • An opening between a vagina and ureter is a ureterovaginal fistula occurring due to pelvic surgery for prior hysterectomy.
  • An opening between the vagina and the urethra is a urethrovaginal fistula
  • An opening between the bladder and the colon is a colovesical fistula
  • An opening between the vagina and the rectum is a rectovaginal fistula.

Fistulas are most common in females but men sometimes experience a different type of urinary fistula as a complication of chordee repair or hypospadias. Vaginal fistula occurs most commonly in developing regions where adequate health care is not taken such as during very difficult childbirth there can be damage to tissues leading to the opening of the fistula. A bladder fistula can occur if there is any prior injury, blocking the bladder, outlet forming a fistula.

Fistulas occurring in the prostates of men

Men may develop prostate rectal fistulas when treated for prostate cancer. This may occur after the placement of radiation or an open or robotic laparoscopy or after Cryotherapy. As a result of high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of the prostate, men can also have a rectourethral fistula.

What causes a urinary fistula?

Damage to the tissues of the pelvic region urinary tract or vagina can create a condition for a fistula. It can also develop from an accident, injury, radiation treatment or surgery, or an infection. The various other reasons for urinary fistula-

  • Malignancies occurring in the pelvic region includes cervical cancer or colon cancer
  • Radiation treatment is done for pelvic cancer can make tissues fragile and thin
  • Cesarean section and a hysterectomy are the primary and the largest reasons of vesicovaginal fistula including other surgeries on the back wall of vagina, anus or rectum, perineum resulting in fistulas.
  • Deep tears or infection caused due to episiotomy incision for childbirth can cause a fistula.
  • People having Crohn’s disease or colitis bowel diseases or diverticulitis can have a fistula

What are the symptoms of urinary fistula?

amage to the tissues of the pelvic region urinary tract or vagina can create a condition for a fistula. It can also develop from an accident, injury, radiation treatment or surgery, or an infection. The various other reasons for urinary fistula-

  • Blood in the urine is called hematuria
  • Leakage of urine from the vagina
  • Leakage of faecal matters from the vagina
  • Recurrent and frequent urinary tract infection
  • Gas or air in the urine
  • Gas passing through the vagina
  • Presence of faecal matter in the urine
  • Nausea fever chills and vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Rectal abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Leakage of urine from the rectum
  • Discharge of foul-smelling gas from the vagina
  • Occurrence of irritation in the vulva area

Urinary fistula Testing procedure.

Depending on the location of the fistula the doctor may examine the lower colon or conduct-

  • Radionuclide cystogram
  • Retrograde cystogram
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
  • Computed tomography scan
  • Ultrasound test
  • Retrograde pyrography
  • Intravenous urography
  • Treatment procedure
  • Conservative therapy

Simple fistulas can be healed on their own as there can be a small possibility of healthy tissues around the fistula where damage has not occurred. Doctors may use the urinary catheter to drain the bladder to heal the fistula and people with ureterovaginal fistula have a small stent placed in the ureter to flow the urine correctly from the kidney to the bladder while the fistula heals.


Most of the time the fistula requires a surgical repair that is done through the vagina or abdomen. In some cases, laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery are done to repair a fistula. The main goal of the surgery is to make the healthy tissues grow close to the opening, restoring the normal function of the organs.

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