Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur

Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur – Most of the boys are born with a penis that works well and looks normal but some boys are born with a condition called hypospadias. In the case of hypospadias, the penis doesn’t look normal as well as doesn’t work well. But there is nothing to worry about as there are many surgical techniques to fix this problem by the pediatric urologist. The below-provided information will help you to know more about hypospadias and getting rid of unnecessary tension and stress. you can also approach hypospadias treatment in Jaipur.

What is Hypospadias?

Hypospadias is a birth defect in boys and a condition in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis rather than the tip of the penis. The location of the opening of the urethra can vary as less commonly it can either be to the base of the penis or more commonly it can be underneath the tip of the penis. Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur is a relatively rare congenital condition that is more common in infants with a family history of hypospadias. This usually takes place before the age of 18 months as the urethra in the boys form abnormally during week 8 to 14 of pregnancy.

One of every 250 males at birth is being affected by hypospadias making it the second most common birth abnormality of the male reproductive system. In this case, the penis may curve down in an infant making the baby spray while urinating. Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur is a very rare abnormality and happens to fewer than a hundred thousand boys per year in India. Moreover, there is nothing to worry about as it can be treatable by a medical professional. Hypospadias is usually self-diagnosable and lab test or imaging is not required. But in the worst case, the chronic can last for years or be lifelong. Get Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur.

Different types of Hypospadias

Depending on the location of the opening of the urethra there are three different types of hypospadias condition that a boy has-

  • Subcoronal where the opening of the urethra is situated somewhere near the tip of the penis.
  • Midshaft where the opening of the urethra situated along the shaft of the penis
  • Penoscrotal where the opening of the urethra is situated where the scrotum and the penis meets.

What are the causes of Hypospadias?

Depending on the boy and the conditions, there are relatively 4 to 5 causes doctors have come up with that causes hypospadias in some boys. The reasons are as follows-

  • Genetic disorder- hypospadias is associated with some genetic syndrome where it is more likely to happen to a boy if his brother or father was born with it.
  • Fertility treatment or issues-hypospadias may happen to a boy whose mother may have used medicines or hormone therapy to help them get pregnant.
  • The age and weight of the mother-if the mother is over age i.e. 35 or overweight then there are more chances of the baby will be born with hypospadias. A baby boy will be more likely to be born with hypospadias if a mother even has diabetes before the pregnancy.
  • If a mother is more exposed to pesticides or smoking or extreme alcohol then the baby boy may have hypospadias
  • If a baby is premature this may cause hypospadias.

How to avoid a baby's chance of Hypospadias?

We all know “Prevention is better than cure” so it is better to do things that can reduce or avoid the chances of your baby getting hypospadias. These are the below-mentioned things the mother should keep a check while she is pregnant.

  • Keeping a healthy weight
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol should be prohibited
  • Taking 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid per day
  • Visiting your doctor daily to check the health of the mother as well as the baby.

What are the signs and symptoms of Hypospadias?

The science and symptoms of hypospadias include

  • Chordee where the penis curves downwards
  • Undescended test iclewhich happens in 10% of cases where one of the testicles does not fully descend into the scrotum.
  • Abnormal urinationas due to abnormal presence of hole the urine does not spray in a straight stream
  • The undeveloped foreskinis where the skin covering the head of the penis is not complete and the babies with hypospadias should not be circumcised.

Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur

Prostate cancer Treatment in Jaipur is diagnosed based on a physical exam, your health history, and a few other tests, such as:

Get Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur, Hypospadias can be corrected through surgery with a newer surgical method; infant boys can have corrective surgery at an earlier age. Surgery of the child will be discussed with you by the urologist you are consulting. Most paediatric urologists do the surgery when the boy is between the ages of 6 to 12 months as during that age it is easier to take care of the surgery site after the operation.

About Doctor Lokesh Sharma

With an experience of 15 years, Dr. Lokesh Sharma is a senior urologist in Jaipur. Dr Lokesh Sharma has got his degree from a prestigious and renowned SMS Medical College in Jaipur and is known for his work ethic and his way of operating.

  • He has the most advanced qualification in surgery that is M.Ch. in Urology. Not only that, he is a professor and Unit head of the department of urology.
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  • He is an expert professional who has done more than 200 laparoscopies in urology procedures.
  • He prefers short and simple treatment over highly complicated procedures and prescribes medicine that is easily affordable and available.
  • He strongly believes in building the relationship between the patient and the doctor which can make the treatment more beneficial.

With all these qualities Dr Lokesh Sharma is a great exceptional urologist you can consult as his wisdom can guide you to make much more informed decisions in surgery. Thus, you can enhance your trust in him for any of your urological surgery or medical procedures. Get Hypospadias Treatment in Jaipur by our Expert Dr. Lokesh Sharma

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