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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that people usually do not like to talk about. They feel that this will raise questions about their masculinity or that people will make fun of them. But this is really a serious problem and if it is not talked about openly then the entire married life of the person gets ruined. If someone has a persistent problem of erectile dysfunction, then it needs treatment. So let’s know about erectile dysfunction. Get Erectile dysfunction treatment in Jaipur by Best Urology Doctor.


What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which the penis is not stimulated enough for intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by any problem during the erection process. Actually, when the flow of blood to your private parts increases, it stimulates it. But if the blood flow to the penis is not that much, then it leads to the problem of erectile dysfunction. When a man is sexually aroused, the muscles of the penis relax. This allows increased blood flow to the penis through the penile arteries. This blood fills the two chambers of the penis. Consult for Erectile dysfunction treatment in Jaipur.

As the chamber is filled with blood, the penis becomes hard. But sometimes due to many physical and mental problems, this process gets hindered and the penis of the person is not sufficiently stimulated for intercourse. Connect with Dr. Lokesh Sharma for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Jaipur.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Heart diseases, such as heart attack,
  • Clotting etc.
  • Diabetes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Depression by drug abuse
  • Alcohol Usage
  • Smoking

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

  • The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection for a satisfactory sexual activity.
  • Impotence should not be confused with ejaculation problems such as early ejaculation, which is a condition in which arousal, orgasm, and ejaculation occur too quickly.
  • Low sex drive can be due to your busy lifestyle or some other factors. Erectile dysfunction should not be compared with low libido. This is a different and more serious problem than that.
  • Loss of desire to have sex.
  • Being unable to bring excitement to the penis.
  • Difficulty keeping arousal during sex.

Signs can be seen due to some health related problem.

  • For example, Delay in ejaculation.
  • Ejaculation before or after time.
  • Unable to get pleasure even after having sex.
  • To be more ashamed of intercourse.
  • Having physical weakness To be under stress Lack of interest in having sex.

Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

To test for impotence or erectile dysfunction, the doctor will ask about your symptoms and signs. Apart from this, about your past disease history and hormonal disease such as BP, whether you are suffering from diabetes. After this, do a physical examination, in which your penis is checked whether there is any problem in the veins or testes. Apart from this, BP and kidney can be checked. Get Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Jaipur.

There are some other tests that can be done to detect impotence accurately.


Blood test

In this test a sample of blood is taken to check for heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone level and other health conditions.


Urine Test

In this test a sample of urine is taken, so that symptoms of diabetes and other health conditions can be recognized.



This test is performed in a lab by a specialist, in which a device is supplied using a transducer to the penis. Video images are made to see if there is a problem with blood flow.


Psychological test

In this test, the doctor tries to reduce the conditions like erectile dysfunction and stress of the person so that the erectile dysfunction can be improved.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Jaipur

Looking for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Jaipur then must book an appointment with Dr. Lokesh Sharma. He is one of the experienced urologist in Jaipur at Urocare Clinic, Jaipur. Provide the utmost care and give the best treatment with a hundred percent success rate.

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Frequently Asked Question

Here are the some FAq related to erectile dysfunction disease so people can easily find the related queries.

1. How does erectile dysfunction happen?

There are two types of erectile dysfunction i.e. impotence – short term and long term. Erectile dysfunction or ED or impotence is a common problem, behind which many lifestyle factors are involved. For example, excessive work stress, fatigue, restlessness, worry about something, excessive alcohol consumption, performance pressure, etc.

2. In which age erectile dysfunction happens?

According to research, “25% of men looking for erectile dysfunction are under 40 years of age.”

3. What are the common causes of erectile dysfunction?

The primary cause of the problem is believed to be a psychological problem. Anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, fear can find it difficult to enjoy intimate moments.

4. Can smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

Smoking is a bad habit affecting your lungs. It can also change your performance. If you are addicted to smoking, you may face problems related to erection and ejaculation.

5. Is diabetes a major cause of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem in performance for diabetic men. In fact, diabetic men are four times more likely to develop ED than those without diabetes


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