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Why Does UTI (urinary Tract Infection) Happen In 2022?

Why does UTI happen: A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection of the urinary system and can take place in any part, including the bladder, ureter, kidney, or urethra. Both males and females are prone to it. However, according to research, two out of every ten women have experienced it. It majorly happens when bacteria affect the urinary system. E. coli bacteria is the root cause behind it. So here in this blog, we provide information on why does UTI happen? and also you want UTI Treatment in Jaipur then must book and appointment with Dr. Lokesh Sharma.

Urinary tract infection can be caused by a variety of factors, including prolonged urine retention, sex, diabetes, pregnancy, and so on.

Types of Urinary Tract Infection:-

Urinary tract infection is of different types, and this includes:-

1. Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder):

Cystitis or bladder infection is the condition when infection takes place within the bladder. Yeast is majorly responsible for causing bladder infection in people having weak immunity systems.

2. Urethritis, also known as urethra infection:

Urethritis, or urethra infection, is the condition when a person has a feeling of pain when passing urine. It happened due to inflammation in the urethra. E. coli bacteria are usually responsible for it.

3. Pyelonephritis or kidney infection:

Pyelonephritis for kidney infection is the condition when the bacteria affect the kidney. This is a serious infection, and sometimes hospitalization is also required. It leads to blood in urine, fever, and pelvic pain. Among all the females, pregnant women are more prone to this infection.

Why Does UTI Happen in 2022?

Apart from the infection caused by E.coli bacteria, multiple other causes are also there, becoming the reason behind UTI infection. These are as follows:-

  1. A person has diabetes.
  2. Intense sexual intercourse with many people
  3. A person is staying on clean
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Not emptying the bladder completely
  6. Facing problems during urination
  7. Kidney stone
  8. Excess use of contraception
  9. Menopause
  10. Excessive use of antibiotics
  11. Weak immunity system

What are the Symptoms of a UTI in 2022

Symptoms of UTI are very common, and primarily urinary problems will be present. But some other symptoms to be noticed are:

  1. Inflammation of urethra and bladder
  2. Fear of passing urine
  3. Pain during urination
  4. Burning sensation during urination
  5. Urge to urinate on a regular basis
  6. Bleeding from urine
  7. urine smells differently
  8. Pain in the lower abdomen
  9. Nausea
  10. Fever
  11. Loss of appetite
  12. Mood swings

Prevention Tips for UTI in 2022

Some preventive measures are also there, which one can adapt if they are suffering from urinary tract infection. These are:-

  1. One should make a habit of drinking more and more water and drinking enough fluids throughout the day. This helps the body clear, regulate, and flush toxins. Furthermore, it is also a necessity for people to pass urine on a regular basis.
  2. Drinks like coffee and alcohol can cause bladder or urinary infections if you don't drink them in moderation. Drinking too much fluid when you are dehydrated can be dangerous.
  3. Keep your genitals clean as much as possible for UTI prevention.
  4. Don't use the bathtub for bathing.
  5. Tampons are a convenient way to absorb menstrual blood, but they can cause negative health effects such as UTI. Sanitary pads are a safer alternative to tampons. They cost less, require less maintenance, and allow for easy disposal.
  6. Spermicides can be toxic and an irritant to your vagina and uterus if taken in too high of doses or for too long of a period of time.
  7. Do not use any kind of scented product on the genitals.
  8. Always wear cotton innerwear.

Diet for UTI Prevention in 2022

Diet also plays an important role if a person is suffering from UTI or wants to prevent it. the diet to adapt is as follows:-

  1. Consuming almonds, fresh coconut, sprouts, flaxseeds, unsalted butter, milk, eggs, peas, and potatoes can help you get the daily amount of the nutrients you need. Potatoes are rich in vitamin C content which helps protect your body against free radical damage. Garlic is great for cardiovascular health. These are helpful in preventing UTI as well.
  2. Juicing vegetables is a great way to take in a few extra nutrients and feel satiated, along with preventing UTI.
  3. High-fiber diets have been proven to reduce the risk of UTI. These diets also improve digestion and help control blood sugar levels, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Additionally, fiber is a great source of nutrients that can help you feel energized, satiated, and full.
  4. Tomatoes are mainly known for their role in traditional Italian food. They are often used in sauces or eaten by themselves raw. However, these also serve as a form of UTI prevention.
  5. The amount of chocolate consumed by people has increased significantly in the past few decades. Consumption of other unhealthy foods like sugar, bread, and processed meats has also increased. Some experts believe that these unhealthy changes are primarily to blame for UTI.
  6. Spicy foods and drinks can cause indigestion, heartburn, and sickness, and UTI. These foods can also lead to inflammation in the stomach and irritable bowel syndrome.

Whom to Approach?

If you are looking out for a specialist for UTI, or UTI Treatment in Jaipur don't worry, as right now, urologists are available. But it is important to get in touch with the best one only. If you are in Jaipur, you are lucky as Dr. Lokesh Sharma is the best urologist top approach.

Most Asked Questions:

Q.1 - What are the effects of untreated urinary tract infections?

Answer - Urinary tract infections (UTI) are common, but they can be very uncomfortable. They may cause pain when urinating, frequent urination, fever, and an urgent need to urinate. They can also cause kidney infections or blood in the urine.

Q.2 - What is the difference between a urinary tract infection and a kidney infection?

Answer - Urinary tract infections are most commonly caused by bacteria entering the urethra, while kidney infections are typically due to bacteria entering the urinary system. The main difference between the urinary tract and kidney infections is that urinary tract infections are limited to the kidneys, whereas kidney infections may also occur in other parts of the body. The bladder is a part of the urinary tract, but it does not house any urine. It only stores urine before it is released into the ureter, which transports it to another part of the body where urine can be excreted through urination.

Q.3 - What is the incidence rate of urinary tract infections?

Answer - Urinary tract infections can happen when bacteria enter the urinary tract and start to multiply. The rate of occurrence is about 2 in 10 people.

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