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When Should You Visit A Urologist?

There is certifiably not a fixed time when you should visit a urologist. Numerous urologists say that individuals or peoples visit them when individuals endure extreme pain or burns in urination. However, you should not wait for that the issue will be more complicated. Urologist in Jaipur propose that you should consider to see the urologist specialist doctor as soon as you face problem in urination pain.

Let’s find out when should you visit a urologist.

1. Bladder control 

If you feel that you are urinating more than expected or feeling leakage of urine, at that point it's an ideal opportunity to see a urology specialist doctor. It is called an overactive bladder where an individual urinates all the more regularly. You will bit by bit understand that you are utilizing the washroom all the more frequently. Also, when you notice this you should before long get yourself checked. Early identification will help in treating the condition just by certain adjustments in your way of life and use of medication.

2. Severe Pain in the lower back 

The regular reason behind such pain in your lower back can be a kidney stone. and it is something you should treat quick, as after some time the pain will increase. Symptoms, aside from torment, are terrible smelling urine, shady urine, blood in the urine. Also, you should visit a urologist when you experience any of these.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

If you are dealing with the issue of erectile brokenness yet delaying in seeing a specialist doctor, at that point you are committing a major mistake. The primary person you should visit is a urologist. All the more frequently it is seen that such an issue is mental and can be restored with least medicines. However, regardless of whether it is complicated then the specialist can give you the best solution. Hence, you should visit instead of hasitating.

You might not have any desire to repeat the story to various specialists; along these lines, you should visit a urologist in Jaipur straightforwardly. He will direct you both medically and emotionally on the grounds well.

4. Urinary tract infection

Most people ignore the pain and and slight burns in urination. Also, this turns into the explanation behind serious pain and intolerable burning. It is prescribed to see a specialist doctor when you feel an issue with urination. He will test your urine and bladder, if the infection isn't a lot of it very well may be treated with anti-inflammatory medications. What's more, it will forestall any additionally spread of something similar.

5. Infertility

If it has been more than six to twelve months, you and your partner are not able to conceive. You should visit a urologist for a checkup. He will perform semen tests, and ultrasounds to examine your fertility. You should not delay your appointment, as with increasing age the problem increases.

6. Fallen bladder

Women suffer from this state, and it can affect vaginal health. Often the common reason for this is obesity, childbirth, and age. The symptoms for it can be painful intercourse, a feeling that your bladder is not empty after urinating, pelvis area paining, and low back pain.

Women sometimes feel embarrassed to discuss the problem but both surgical and non-surgical options are available nowadays.


You should never avoid any signs that your body is giving you. Be it even the common flu or severe urination pain. You must see your doctor as you feel discomfort, to avoid more complications. Visiting a Urologist in Jaipur will be the best care for any urination, bladder, and kidney problems. As soon as you visit the doctor the better and accurate results you will get.

It is often seen that people hesitate to talk about such problems. But the more you will hide the more they will grow. A urologist will not only help you with your bladder issues but with fertility and erection related issues also.

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