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What Will Urologist Do For A Kidney Stone?

What will Urologist do for a kidney stone: Kidney stone are really very annoying and interfere with day to day activities of an individual as well. Sometimes it becomes difficult for an individual to engage in regular activities because the pain is so severe they can't bear it. At that moment, the need to approach a best urologist in Jaipur arises.

If you have a kidney stone and looking forward to treatment, it is right to approach the Urologist immediately. But sometimes, individuals have a doubt about what the Urologist will go to do? If the same is a question with you, don't worry anymore because we will share all the details so that next time approaching the doctor for treatment will not be a difficult task for you.

What will Urologist do for a kidney stone?

Primarily the Urologist will suggest going for some tests. Majorly they go for ultrasound and urine tests.


Ultrasound is the primary diagnosing technique doctors adapt when going for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur. They will suggest you go for whole abdomen ultrasound so that getting an idea about the size of a kidney stone will be quite easy. After having the ultrasound reports, it will be easy for doctors to move ahead with the treatment.

Urine test:

The doctor suggests a urine test in that case when there is no impression of stone in the kidney. Sometimes individual feels pain in the ureter or feels like there is blockage when they go for urination. After having the urine test report, if they find out any kind of crystals, it indicates that they will vanish soon with few medicines.

What medicines do doctors suggest for kidney stoned?

Doctors will suggest medicines for kidney stone treatment according to the size. If the size of the kidney stone is up to 10mm, they will suggest some solid medicines and liquid medicines accordingly and suggest having almost 3-5 Litres of water in a day.

But if the size of the kidney stone is more than that, they will diagnose it accordingly. In certain cases, the size reaches up to 22 mm, and they do not have any option left other than surgery. The Urologist will diagnose the condition and reach the conclusion of how to treat it. Also, doctors will suggest you leave some food items, including tomato and rice, because these are initiators for stone building in the kidney.

What to know before approaching the urologist?

If you are moving ahead for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur, get an idea of whether the doctor is experienced one or not. It is not good to approach those doctors who are not having enough experience in this field. Sometimes they suggest you the treatment unnecessarily, and in the end, the results are disappointing.


Here we have discussed how the Urologist will move ahead to treat kidney stones. It is astonishing to note that a urologist will take care of every factor when treating the individual. The reason is that this could be annoying and make individuals feel irritated all the time.

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