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What Are The Treatment Options For Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are very annoying and interfere with the regular activities of a person's life. Sometimes the scenario is being so that there is a need to approach a best urologist in Jaipur.  If you are looking forward to treatment for kidney stones but have no idea where to start, not to worry. Here we are presenting a detailed guide mentioning the treatment options for kidney stones that you can have as soon as possible and live your life peacefully.

Note: The treatment of kidney stones depends on the size of the stone. If the size of the stone is small, no major treatment is required. But if it is large, then the treatment depends.

Treatment options for kidney stones:-

Shock wave Lithotripsy:

Shock wave Lithotripsy is the kidney stone treatment which is perfect for small and medium stone. It is a non-invasive procedure, so there will be no cut on the skin.

During this procedure, a doctor uses ultrasound to find out the stone in the kidney and aim high energy shock waves at it. The shock waves will aim from outside that will pass through the skin and break the stone into small pieces.

In some cases, the doctor put a tube known as a stent into the ureter to collect the pieces of stone. This procedure requires a duration of 60 to 80 minutes.

After the procedure completion, doctors will suggest you drink a lot of water to flush out the pieces into the urine. A strainer will be there below when you pee to collect the pieces of stone, and further on, doctors will analyze them.

Chances are there during shock wave Lithotripsy, you might face some cramps or blood in the urine. This is not a major problem and just a matter of some time.


When you go for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur, the doctor might suggest ureteroscopy. It is the procedure that is used for treating Stones in the Kidneys and uterus. Doctors use a thin and flexible scope for finding out the stone and remove them. There will be no cut over the skin. The scope will be passed into the kidney through the bladder and ureter. A basket will be there for removing small stones, and if the stones are larger, they utilize a laser to break them.

For the precautionary purpose, doctors will place a stent in the ureter to drain the urine from the kidney. Doctors will keep you under observation for 4 to 10 days after the treatment. Within these days, they will take out the stunt and discharge you.

After this treatment, you might notice some bleeding, and it is temporary. Doctors will analyze it and give you proper medicines for recovery.

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy:

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy is the treatment in case the stone is large. In this treatment, doctors use a small tube to reach out the stone and break it with high-frequency sound waves. The stone will be removed through the tube. The duration of this treatment is almost 45 minutes, and the rest depends on the size of the stone. After it, they insert a stent in the kidney for few days to pass out the urine. After few weeks, they will conduct an x-ray to analyze whether things are working fine in your face or not.

In this case, as well some bleeding may be noticed, but this is temporary, and doctors will take care of it.

Open surgery:

The last treatment for kidney stones is open surgery. This is a rare treat that doctors adapt. This is a solution when the stone is stuck in the ureter, or it is blocking the urine flow. Apart from these two reasons, if there is an infection, doctors will go for it. During this procedure, doctors will make a cut inside and into the kidney to remove the stone through the opening.

These are the best treatment options for kidney stones. If you are facing any trouble,  approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma in Jaipur. He is among the best urologist in the town and has an abundance of experience in treating such conditions. Not only this, he will come out with minimal medications for treating the condition and will not suggest going for any surgery until and unless it is major. You can have a conversation with the doctor and get answers to the queries arising.

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