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These Things Can Increase The Risk Of Kidney Stones, Know The Symptoms In 2022.

Things can Increase the risk of Kidney Stones : For every problem, there is a solution, and likewise, there are things that can increase the same problem. The same is the scenario with kidney stones. People suffering from kidney stones need to understand certain things which can increase the risk of kidney stones. They need to get well versed with the risk of kidney stone so that they can seek Medical health as soon as possible.

Before you move ahead to approach a kidney stone specialist in Jaipur, we would like to let you know about all these symptoms in detail.

Kidney stone symptoms in 2022:-

1. Fever:

Fever is a symptom related to a kidney stone. In some cases it has been seen that the kidney is not working properly, a person might face a high temperature. Sometimes it even reaches 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Abdominal pain:

Abdominal pain will also be there with kidney stones. It has been seen that severe pain will be there, and you will not be able to bear it. Even discomfort is to the extent that sleeping peacefully is problematic.

3. Back pain:

Back pain will be there, which a person cannot resist. Tingling sensations will be noticed, which appear to be irritating.

4. Problem while urinating:

Problems will be faced during urination as well. A person feels pressured while urinating. They get the sudden urge to pee.

5. Nausea:

The feeling of nausea prevails. A person sometimes not be able to consume the food due to this condition.

6. Blood in urine:

Blood in the urine is the indicator that there is a problem with the kidney. This happens when the stone formed affects the kidney.

7. Irritation in the urinary tract:

Irritation in the urinary tract is also noticed. As the stone start to dissolve and pass out through the urinary tract causesinfection.

Note: Symptoms are entirely different, but the above-mentioned ones are quite common with each other.

Things increasing the risk of kidney stone formation:

Factors that are contributing to the risk of kidney stone formation are as follows:-

1. Less water consumption:

Less water consumption is the primary cause of kidney stone formation. Calcium stones are one of the most common types, and due to the higher amount of calcium produced in the kidney, it takes place. As a person is consuming less water, these are not passing out of the body, so as a result, stone formation takes place.

2. High salt intake:

High salt intake is also responsible for kidney stone formation. We all know non-vegetarian food has high content with spices, especially salt. Therefore make sure not to take them in high quantity. If you are taking the salt in high quantity, chances are there soon you have an encounter with kidney stone pain.

3. High protein diet;

Protein is good for the human body, but excess of everything is bad, and likewise protein. The non-veg food is high in protein as well. Therefore you need to be sure about what you are consuming. If you are taking non-vegetarian food on a regular basis, make sure to limit it because this can put you at the risk of kidney stone formation. Alternatively, you can go for cereals, Soya food and so on.

4. Obesity:

It is also a reason behind kidney stone formation. It is important to maintain the body mass index ratio so that there will be no such problem for the person.

Here we come to an end and discuss the foods which you can eat and which you cannot. If you are facing any problem, approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma. He is the best urology doctor in Jaipur and helps you to understand what you can do to get rid of it. For sure, after having the treatment, you will not face this problem.

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