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Prostate Laser Surgery Procedure: Purpose, Risks, Advantages In 2022

Prostate Laser Surgery Procedure: Prostate laser surgery is a medical procedure that helps relieve moderate-to-severe urinary symptoms that take place due to an enlarged prostate. It is benign prostatic hyperplasia.

During prostate laser surgery, doctors use a scope and insert it through the tip of the penis into the tube responsible for carrying urine from the bladder. When the prostate is enlarged, it restricts the urine flow from the bladder. In prostate laser surgery in jaipur, doctors pass the laser through the scope and shrink or remove the excess tissue, preventing urine flow.

Males experiencing such conditions should approach the specialist and get it done. If you are suffering with this condition, we will explore all the details of considering it so that you can approach the doctor without having any second thoughts.

Purpose of Prostate laser Surgery in 2022:

Prostate laser surgery is a standard medical procedure that helps to shrink the enlarged prostate gland. The purpose of prostate laser surgery is to reduce the size and eliminate the symptoms of the enlarged prostate gland. The aim of this procedure is to release trapped urine and urinate more easily. Some other conditions requiring PLR are as follows:

  • Starting urination is difficult.
  • Urinary hesitancy
  • Frequent Urination
  • increased frequency of urination, especially during
  • Prolonged urination
  • The feeling of a filled bladder after every urination

What are the Risks Associated with Prostate Laser Surgery?

Risks of laser surgery can include:

Temporary difficulty urinating:

After laser surgery, it will be painful for a few days to pass urine. You will not be able to urinate or use the restroom on your own. The urologist may recommend you use a catheter. A catheter is a thin tube that doctors insert through the urethra to drain your bladder. Your doctor will tell you how long it will be in place.

Erectile dysfunction:

The chances of erectile dysfunction are very low after prostate laser surgery. If you are going for traditional surgery, the chances of it are high.

Dry orgasm:

Dry orgasm is a common and long-term effect after prostate surgery. After surgery, the semen will be released into the bladder during ejaculation instead of out of the penis. It is also referred to as retrograde ejaculation. In general, it is not harmful, but a person will not be able to enjoy their sexual life.

Retreatment may be needed:

People who are not paying attention to aftercare may require retreatment as well. Pay attention to the things a doctor is suggesting so that there will be no problems in the future.

Urinary tract infection:

UTI concerns are a possible complication of any prostate procedure. Leaving the catheter in even after the urine has stopped draining can create a greater chance of infection.

Narrowing (stricture) of the urethra:

Scars can result in incomplete emptying of the bladder after prostate surgery. To avoid additional treatment, patients should make sure they are not getting recurring urinary tract infections or incontinence.

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Advantages of Prostate Laser Surgery

Prostate laser surgery can help with urinary symptoms caused by prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia. There is a higher risk of incontinence among men with the condition. The surgery is minimally invasive and involves a transurethral resection of the prostate. Some other benefits of it are:-

  • Reduces the frequent and urgent need to urinate caused by prostate enlargement.
  • The recovery period is shorter.
  • Faster recovery.
  • The hospital stay is less.
  • Improves urination have an effect due to benign prostate tumours.
  • It helps in relieving the difficulty during urination.
  • It helps with urinary tract infections.
  • This process is less invasive.

Here we have discussed prostate laser surgery in detail and helped you to know about all the aspects in detail. If you are looking forward to getting it, visit Jaipur. Here you will have an encounter with Dr. Lokesh Sharma. He is the best urologist in Jaipur and has experience in performing laser surgery as well.


Q1 - Is laser surgery good for the prostate?

Ans - The answer to this question would be yes. Laser surgery is an effective option for the prostate. It has fewer side effects, faster recovery periods, and shorter hospital stays than traditional surgery.

The procedure is also less invasive than traditional surgery; the only major difference between the two procedures is that prostate laser surgery in jaipur uses an intense light beam instead of a scalpel to perform the procedure. But laser prostate surgery may not be the best option for everyone. Some people might prefer other types of surgeries or treatments like radiation therapy or cryotherapy.

Q2 - How long does it take to recover from prostate laser surgery?

Ans - Prostate laser surgery generally requires 30–75 minutes, whereas recovery time depends on your general health, but in general, the time required is anywhere from 8–12 weeks.

Q3 - Is laser surgery for an enlarged prostate painful?

Ans - Laser surgery for an enlarged prostate is much less painful than the traditional means of surgery. This treatment is done under local anaesthesia in a hospital or clinic setting.

A laser loosens the scar tissue in the prostate so it can be removed, leaving behind a tiny scar in its place. It also removes any cancer cells that are in the area, so there is no risk of recurrence.

Q4 - What are the benefits of laser surgery?

Ans - Laser surgery benefits include faster recovery time, a decreased risk of infection, and the absence of an incision.

Q5 - What is the best surgery for an enlarged prostate?

Ans - In the past, the best surgery for an enlarged prostate was a radical prostatectomy. Nowadays, doctors are now focusing on minimally invasive procedures such as laser surgery.

It is typically done in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia. In most cases, all anaesthesia needs to avoid during this procedure, which will make it more comfortable for patients too.

Q6 - Where can I get the best prostate laser surgery in Jaipur?

Ans - Jaipur is a well-known city in Rajasthan, India. When you are coming here for treatment, approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma. He is the best urologist in Jaipur, having years of experience in doing prostate laser surgery.

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