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Prostate Cancer : Myths And Facts

Prostate Cancer Myths and Facts: Cancer is one of the serious diseases, and there is no doubt it comes up with a lot of myths. If a person is suffering from prostate cancer, you will find out different people assuming certain things which actually do not exist. If you are looking forward to approaching a Urologist in Jaipur for treating prostate cancer, we suggest you get well versed with all the myths and facts. Let's discuss it.

Prostate Cancer Myths and Facts:

Myth: Only old people are on verge of suffering from prostate cancer

Fact: this is a myth and fact both. According to a research, it has been found that 70% patient has been diagnosed with prostate cancer are over 65 years. But this doesn't make it a fact because people belong to their 40s and 50s to also get diagnosed with it. Age is not a factor to consider the chances of working on prostate cancer.

It is also essential to know that if any relative in the family is suffering from prostate cancer, chances of development are quite higher in your case.

Myth: only radiotherapy or surgery is the treatment for prostate cancer

Fact: surgery is not the option in case of prostate cancer always. In the advanced stages, the doctor puts the patient on a certain medication for controlling the disease. The major reason for considering these medicines, to stop spread to other sides of the body. Prostate cancer can show its effect on lymph nodes, brain, lungs, bones, liver, and outside the pelvis. In the case of organ-confined prostate cancer, only surgery and radiotherapy is a solution to have.

Myth: only urinary symptoms indicate prostate cancer

Fact: this is common with people who have that prostate cancer always comes with urinary symptoms. But this is not the scenario at all. It also contributes to abdominal pain, Bony pain, swelling in the feet, and pain in the overall body. It totally depends on the extent of the disease in the body.

Myth: Prostate cancer has an effect on sex life

Fact: In the initial stages, there will be no effect on sex ability at all. It is totally up to the person whether it has an effect on sexual ability or not. The treatment considered for treating prostate cancer, including Radiation therapy or hormone therapy, may impact the sex life. You can approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma if you are looking forward to getting the treatment done. He is having sufficient experience in treating such conditions and helps you in getting rid of them as soon as possible.

Myth: cure is available in every stage of prostate cancer

Fact: if you are choosing to go for prostate laser surgery in Jaipurchances are there you will be able to get rid of it. But if you have not paid attention to the treatment, then finding out the cure will be difficult. In the early stages, it can be easily cured, but if it reaches later stages it will be difficult to treat it.

Myth: PSA testing is not diagnosing technique for prostate cancer

Fact: prostate-specific antigen test is one of the best solutions for finding out about the early stages of prostate cancer. A lot of controversies have been going on previously. People came up with the conclusion that this is not a test to get for diagnosing. But according to the research, there is proof that it is beneficial in every aspect and helps in diagnosing it in primary stages.

These are a few myths and facts a person has in their mind regarding prostate cancer. We suggest you approach the doctor as soon as possible if there is any symptom arising. The doctor will diagnose the condition and come up with the best possible treatment to help you in living your life peacefully.

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