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Kidney Stones: Symptoms And Treatment

Kidney stones symptoms : Kidney stones are commonly referred to as the blockage in the urinary tract, which takes place due to the buildup of salt and Minerals composed of calcium for uric acid. The formation of these stones takes place in the kidney and travels to other parts of the urinary tract as well. The size of the stone is different as per the condition.

In some cases, it is of only 0.5mm to 1mm, and in some cases, it grows bigger up to 20 to 22mm. The symptoms are entirely different in both cases. As per the symptoms, the treatment depends. Let's have a look at symptoms and treatments to understand it more.

Kidney Stones Symptoms in 2022:

Pain while urinating:

Whenever you go to urinate, there will be a pain. The pain is so severe that it appears to be like you need to push yourself to urinate. Sometimes it becomes worst that you don't even get up from the toilet seat.

Blood in urine:

If there is blood in urine, it clearly indicates that the stone travels from the kidney to the bladder, and there is a need for you to approach a doctor for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur. If there is blood in urine, don't wait anymore and approach him now.

Lower abdominal pain:

Lower abdominal pain is also a very common symptom of kidney stones. You will feel like there is a pain in your back and in the lower abdomen, which not let you sit comfortably at all. If the same is happening with you, approach the doctor immediately to get the best treatment for it.

Sudden urge to go for pee:

You will have a sudden urge to go for a pee, but still, you will not be able to do it. This means that the stone in your kidney is blocked with the passage, and you need to suffer for a while to get rid of it.

Treatment for kidney stone:

For the treatment of kidney stones, doctors will primarily diagnose it. For diagnosing kidney stones, doctors suggest going for an ultrasound. In ultrasound, there will be a clear image of the kidney indicating the size of the stone and other buildups around. After having an idea about the size, they move for treatment. This includes:-

Consumption of excess water:

Consuming excess water is also a part of the treatment. Doctors will suggest you consume almost 4 to 5 liters of water in a day so that you have the urge to urinate, and it will pass out through the bladder.


Certain medications are there which doctors suggest you, including those medications which cause excess urination. Whenever you got the urge to go for urination, the kidney stone will start to come out.


If the size of the kidney stone is quite big and can't be removed with water or any medication, doctors will move for surgery. During the surgery, they will remove it from the kidney with the help of special medical techniques available. In certain cases, the stone gets stuck to the wall, which as a result, cannot become out without surgery.

Endnote for kidney stones symptoms and treatment.

These are the symptoms and treatment of kidney stones. Don't forget t.o approach a specialist for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur to get rid of it as soon as possible. As per the condition doctor will suggest to you the medications and solution that help you to get rid of it.

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