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Kidney Stone Patient: What To Eat And Avoid In 2022?

Food to avoid in kidney stone : Kidney stones are really very annoying, and there is no doubt these interfere with your regular lifestyle as well. If a patient has faced a kidney stone problem for once, chances of reformation are quite high. At that moment, they need to look forward to kidney stone treatment in JaipurBut as we all know, prevention is better than cure, so yes, it is right to conclude that a patient must take all the necessary precautions.

Among all the precautions, what to eat and what to avoid is the primary one. Certain foods are there, which may increase the risk of kidney stone reformation. Therefore make sure about the same as well. Here we are discussing that what to eat with a kidney stone patient or not some food items which you can eat and which you cannot if you are suffering from a kidney stone problem.

Food to avoid in kidney stone 2022:

1. Caffeinated drinks:

Dehydration is the major cause of kidney stone formation. It is important to avoid the consumption of caffeinated drinks because the phosphoric acid presents in them increases the risk of stone formation again. Make sure to consume those drinks which do not have caffeine content.

2. Reduce salt intake:

Reducing salt intake will also help you to get rid of kidney stones. Make sure not to get Chinese and Mexican food because these have a height amount of salt. Therefore choose your diet accordingly and make sure that there is no major effect on your health.

3. Avoid taking non-veg food:

Non-vegetarian food is a good source of protein and if a person is suffering from kidney stone problems reducing the amount of protein in the diet is important. Excess protein has an adverse effect on kidneys, so it is right to conclude to avoid the same. It majorly happens due to the presence of purines in all protein-rich food. Consumption of non-veg food increases the same, and the stone formation problem will take place. Moreover, also avoid the consumption of more calcium because it leads to kidney stone formation. Drink more water so that it can be excreted out in the urine.

4. Reduce consumption of vitamin C and oxalate:

Some food supplements are there has a high content of vitamin C and oxalate. It is right to say that avoid them. Oxalate is responsible for storing calcium which doesn't pass out into the urine and is available in abundance in whole grains, tomatoes, chocolate, and spinach. Avoid eating them to prevent stone formation. Also, consume the amount of vitamin C in an adequate quantity. Increasing the amount of vitamin C in the body will lead to multiple problems, and kidney stone formation is the common one.

Food to Eat in Kidney Stone 2022

Foods that you can eat after a kidney stone are as follows:

1. Drink water:

People suffering from kidney stone formation need to consume at least 12 glasses of water in a day. Rely on more fluids because it helps in dissolving the chemical contributing to stone formation.

2. Consume food with citrus acid:

Some food items are there which are enriched with citrus acid. You can go for citrus fruits and their juices. The best part is it helps in preventing stone formation. You can go for lemons, oranges, and grapefruits.

3. Consume basil leaves:

Consumption of basil or Tulsi leaves is also one of the best food to consider. It stabilizes the uric acid level, which contributes to kidney stone formation. Also, acetic acid is there, which melts and eliminates kidney stones. Try to drink a spoonful of basil juice regularly.

4. Vitamin D consumption:

Last but not least, include vitamin D in your daily diet as well. It is responsible for absorbing more calcium from the body and, in fatty fishes, is majorly present.

Hope now you know what to eat with the kidney stone patient. For any consultation regarding the same approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma and discuss. He is the best urologist in Jaipur and helps you to know the precautions and treatment too.

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