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How To Relieve Your Kidney Stone Pain In 2022?

How to Relieve Your Kidney Stone Pain: Kidney stone pain is so annoying, and we always want the best possible solution to get rid of it immediately. If you are dealing with kidney pain, then chances are there you might be looking for solutions to relieve  your kidney stone pain.

If this is the scenario, we suggest you consider the below-mentioned tips we are discussing. These tips will be helpful and will deliver long-lasting results.

How to Relieve Your Kidney Stone Pain in 2022:-

1. Stay Hydrated:

Hydration is the primary factor when you wish to relieve kidney stone pain. Water will sufficiently flush bacteria out of the body and helps in feeling comfortable. It will clear out the urinary tract and eliminate all the chances of infections.

Well, drinking 8 Oz. glasses of water a day will help in getting rid of kidney stones too. Therefore make sure to have enough amount of water in a day. If you visit kidney stone specialist in Jaipur, he will also help you to know about the benefits of staying hydrated.

2. Drink Parsley Juice:

Drinking parsley juice will increases urination and helps in flushing out the bacteria. It is a nutrient-dense diuretic and increases the frequency of urination. You can take it accordingly to relieve kidney pain.

3. Probiotics Consumption:

Probiotic consumption will also help fight out the bacteria that occupy the place in the gut and replace it with good bacteria. Take the probiotics regularly so that kidneys will process wastes efficiently and there will be no such problem anymore. According to a study the probiotics are responsible for enhancing and assisting the kidney for functioning more appropriately.

4. Use Non-Aspirin Pain Killers:

Non Aspirin painkillers are very helpful for treating kidney stone pain fast. If you approach the urologist Dr. Lokesh Sharma he will help in knowing about the best known Aspirin painkillers that help relieve the pain, and if you are facing fever along, it will break out the same too.

5. Apply Heat:

No doubt, heat therapy is one of the most used solutions for reducing kidney pain. Take a heating pad and place it on the affected area. Within 20 minutes, you will see successful pain reduction. Make sure to be in a constant position in these 20 minutes for better results.

6. Add a Splash of Citrus:

Adding a splash of citrus to your daily food consumption will help you reduce kidney stone pain. You can try the best combination of lemon, grapefruits, oranges, and limes for better results. But don't take them in more than the required quantity.

7. Cranberry Juice Consumption:

Cranberry juice consumption is also a proven remedy for treating urinary tract infections and kidney stone pain. According to research, cranberry juice properties are really very helpful in treating such conditions.

Following are the treatments when you wish to relieve kidney stone pain fast. Have a conversation with a Urology doctor in Jaipur so that you can understand the best treatments and will be able to get rid of them as soon as possible. If you are allergic to any particular ingredient, do not add it to your diet.

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