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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Prostate Laser Surgery?

Recovery from Prostate laser surgery:  Prostate laser surgery is the treatment for treating urinary symptoms, which takes place due to prostate enlargement. This condition is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. When approaching a Urologist in Jaipur for prostate laser surgery, they insert a scope through the tip of the penis into the tube carrying urine from the bladder.

The prostate surrounds the urethra, and the laser is passed through the scope. As a result, the laser passed will remove or shrink the excess tissue blocking the urethra and preventing urine flow. Prostate laser surgery removes the excess prostate through ablation or enucleation.

After prostate laser surgery, the major question individuals have is about recovery. Let understand about it.

Recovery from Prostate laser surgery:

The maximum duration required to get better after prostate laser recovery is up to six weeks. After complete recovery prostate laser recovery , there will be less trouble during urination. An individual will be able to control starting and stopping of their urine stream and feel more relaxed during urination as well. But to shorten this recovery period, it is essential to consider certain factors. This includes:-

Don't engage in physical exercises extensively:

It is a suggestion to avoid all the physical exercises to an extent. Avoid heavy lifting until and unless the doctor approves it. The major reasons for avoiding heavy weight lifting because it may interfere with the recovery and let you face unnecessary pain and difficulty during urination.

Be on regular medication:

Be regular with the medications because these are effective during recovery from Prostate laser surgery. If you are avoiding medications, you are compromising your health, and as a result, recovery will going to take very long, or chances are there you need to go for surgery again. If you don't want to face this trouble, then don't compromise with medication.

Hold off on sex:

It is essential to hold off on sex for a while. Wait for almost three weeks after the procedure because ejaculating very soon after surgery will contribute to pain and bleeding.

Approach doctor for regular treatment:

After surgery, the doctor will call you for a regular check-up and make sure to go for it. He will prescribe certain antibiotics, which are essential to avoid chances of infection and to stop it from happening anymore.

Prostate laser surgery is essential for all those who are facing problems during urination. It is to improve the urinary flow and help individuals to get back into their normal routine. See the doctor For Prostate Laser Surgery in Jaipur whenever the need arises and don't delay in it because it may cause some more trouble.

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