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How Can I Prevent Future UTIs In 2022?

How can I prevent future UTI: For a while, urinary tract infections are really very annoying, and undoubtedly, our overall lifestyle will be affected for a while if we are going through one. Well, the problem of UTI is very common these days. But it is important to understand how can i prevent future UTI.

If you or someone you know suffers from UTI on a regular basis and has no idea how to stay safe, you've come to the right place. Here we are sharing certain tips that will help you prevent future UTI and are helpful in maintaining a stable lifestyle without any problems.

We suggest you keep reading to the end so that there will be no problems analyzing things and you will be able to know the best solution to prevent it.

Tips for adapting to prevent future UTIs in 2022:

When looking for UTI prevention tips, it is important to understand that common symptoms are associated with UTIs. There are so many causes for it, and one cannot specifically say that due to this particular problem, they are suffering from it.

But do know that E. coli bacteria are responsible for it. However, the tips to prevent future UTI include:-

1. Liquid consumption:

The primary and most basic method of preventing UTIs is to drink liquids. The more you drink, the more bacteria will be flushed out of the bladder and urinary tract. If the bacteria are present in your body, you are more likely to develop UTI. Therefore, stay hydrated and don't hold urine for a longer duration.

2. Maintain proper hygiene both before and after sex:

Before and after sex, it is important for a person to maintain good hygiene. You can simply use any medicated soap available to clean yourself before and after sex. This is in charge of keeping bacteria away from the urethra and thus preventing UTIs.

3. Do not rely heavily on spicy foods:

Spicy food is responsible for causing irritation in the urinary tract. Therefore, it is advisable not to rely on such spicy foods at all. After consuming spicy food, if you experience any sudden change in urine or any itching, simply reach out to the doctor and start the antibiotic course right away.

4. Always consider medicated soap:

For cleaning purposes, it is not advisable to take any natural remedy or any ordinary soap available on the market. Be sure to consider using a medicated soap, as the urologist suggests. There are some special products available to maintain urinary health, and adapting to them is the best option you can consider.

5. Rely on sanitary pads instead of tampons:

Some myths are there indicating that tampons are safer than sanitary pads, which in reality they are not. People who are using tampons are on the verge of facing more UTIs than those using sanitary pads. Therefore, use a sanitary pad and, within 3 to 5 hours, change it to prevent infection.

6. Don't go for tight-fitting pants:

Tight-fitting pants look good, but considering them regularly is not an option. Tight-fitting pants are responsible for causing so many problems in the urinary tract. Therefore, be sure to wear cotton underwear. Once a day, it is advisable to change them.

7. Avoid alcohol and caffeine:

Overconsumption of alcohol and caffeine is not safe at all, and these are the major contributors to causing urinary tract infection. Therefore, if you suffer from urinary tract infections frequently, make sure to avoid them completely.

8. Complete medication course:

After suffering from a urinary tract infection, it is advisable to take the complete course of medication. Leaving the course in between will put you at the risk of its development again. Therefore, if you don't want to suffer from pain again, try to complete the course and have a checkup with the urologist as well.

9. Always wear neat and clean undergarments.

Neat and clean undergarments are very important to wear. Wearing wet or contaminated undergarments increases your chances of getting a UTI. To avoid such infections, make sure to sundry your undergarments.

10. Checkups with the doctor on a regular basis:

We are not saying you should fix an appointment every month with the doctor, but make sure to see the urologist once in a while. It is important to maintain urinary health as well. Even if you are experiencing a sudden change in your urine, do reach out to the doctor and discuss it with them.

11. Diet is essential for long-term health.

Always choose a diet that is low in spices and high in antioxidants. The antioxidants are helpful in preventing you from such infections.

12. Undergarments that belong to someone else:

This may sound a bit fishy, but do understand that wearing the undergarments that belong to someone else is not safe at all. It is responsible for causing urinary tract infections and other infections as well. Therefore, always use your innerwear to prevent infections.

The following are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to avoid future UTIs. It is important for you to maintain good hygiene so that there will be no problems at all. If you are frequently suffering from UTIs, then don't worry and fix an appointment with the best urologist around.

Well, in Jaipur, you will be able to find Dr. Lokesh Sharma, who is the best urologist. No doubt, he is not only the best urologist in Jaipur but an experienced one as well. You can discuss with him the problem you are going through and start the treatment as he is suggesting.

For sure, after getting treatment under him, you will be able to know how can i prevent future UTI and how to deal with any infection if it is happening for any reason.

(FAQ:- How can I prevent future UTI)

Q.1 - Is there any possibility to permanently prevent UTIs?

Answer - There are methods to permanently prevent UTIs. But it is important that a person take these tips seriously. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids, especially water, and also maintain good hygiene. If you can keep these two things under control, you have a 95% chance of not getting UTI.

Q.2 - Is there any natural remedy to prevent UTIs?

Answer - Natural remedies do wonders for patients, but understand that these are not suitable for everyone around you. If you are someone who can easily adapt to natural remedies, then you can look out for some natural medications and also take preventive measures to prevent them.

Q.3 - Who is the best doctor to approach for UTI treatment in Jaipur?

Answer - Dr. Lokesh Sharma is the best doctor to approach for UTI treatment in Jaipur.

Q.4 - Which bacteria is responsible for causing frequent UTIs in females?

Answer - Coli is the bacterium that lives in the intestinal system and from rectum to the vagina, it is carried out, which is responsible for causing infection. It enters into the urethra and then affects the bladder.

Q.5 - How many UTIs are too common?

Answer - If you have UTI more than twice in a six-month period, you should recognize that this is excessive and that you should see a doctor as soon as possible for treatment.

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