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Does Beer Help In Removing Kidney Stones?

Does beer help in removing Kidney Stones: Kidney stones are really annoying and let a person end up approaching a urologist in Jaipur. Some individuals are ready to adapt home remedies for treating them out. But unfortunately, these are not the permanent solution for it.

Some individuals even have a thought that Does beer help in removing kidney stones. Well, if you also have the same question here, we discuss it and disclose whether it is helpful in removing kidney stones or not. Let's explore!

What are Kidney Stones?

Crystal deposits in the kidney are known as kidney stones. The stones form up with calcium oxalate or uric acid. The size is not ideal, and it varies from person to person, and the position in the kidney is also different. But these are very painful and let an individual approach doctor for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur.

Does beer help in removing Kidney Stones: ?

According to research, beer in moderation work against kidney stones. Consumption of beer produces a lot of urine. The passage for small stones will be maintained, and a person can get rid of it. The stones will pass through it, but the size must be less than 5 mm.

Fact about beer consumption to pass Kidney Stones:

  1. Beer consumption on a regular basis will make you feel dehydrated, and oxalate in beer can leads to kidney stone formation. It is high in calories also can make you gain weight as well.
  2. Beer consumption produces a lot of urine suddenly, and sometimes a person experiences pain and makes the condition miserable. In most cases kidney stone block the passage and urine is produced in excess and have not expelled out. In this condition, they end up vomiting.
  3. Excess beer consumption can harm the liver as well, so it is not a recommended solution for treating kidney stones.
  4. Beer consumption in moderation can be helpful in treating kidney stones, but excess is always bad.

What are the Causes of Kidney Stones?

Well, understand the causes of kidney stones as well so that it will be easy for you to take precautions accordingly. These are as follows:-

  1. Dehydration is the major cause behind kidney stones because flushing the crystal is hard from the body through urine in this case.
  2. Genetics are responsible for causing kidney stones.
  3. Infections are the major cause of kidney stones.
  4. Diet rich in calcium oxalate leads to kidney stone formation.
  5. Uric acid produces acidic urine, which causes kidney stones.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones?

Well, prevention of kidney stones is also important. Among all the preventive measures, staying hydrated is the primary one. But you cannot rely on it fully as for large stones this is not considerable.  However, dietary changes are also important to prevent stones, so pay attention to whatever you are eating.

Also, if you have no clue what to do and you are in Rajasthan, don't miss the chance to visit Dr. Lokesh SharmaHe is among the reputed Urologist in Jaipur who help you to know about the prevention and precautions to take.  After consulting him, you can understand all the relatable aspects of kidney stones and know all the precautions to take for preventing and curing them. 

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