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What Is The Cost Of Prostate Laser Surgery In India?

Cost of prostate laser surgery in India: Health problems are very common in the present generation, and there is no doubt that people suffer from such problems that we have not imagined as well. Likewise, it is a condition of prostate problems.

As we all know, prostate enlargement problems turn out to be one of the major problems and common ones in people in today's time. There are so many symptoms, including difficulty in urinating, getting up to pee at night, burning in urine and so on.

These conditions are very difficult to handle, and that's why people look out for options that can help them to recover.

In order to help the patient recover from these prostate problems, the doctor usually suggests laser surgery. But mostly, people have thought about the cost of prostate laser surgery in India, and that's why they get confused. To help you learn about it, we are discussing it in detail here.

But before we discuss the cost, we would like to let you know about Dr. Lokesh Sharma, who is one of the best urologist in Jaipur whom you can approach for prostate laser surgery. He has been in the field for a very long time, and you can simply discuss with him the condition you are going through.

What is the cost of prostate laser surgery in India?

While exploring the cost of prostate laser surgery in India, do know that it depends on different factors. For an Indian girl, the cost somewhere revolves around $3000 to $6,000. There are some other factors that have a major impact on the cost. These are:

1. Treatment procedure:

There are different treatment options available for prostate enlargement, and if you are going for laser surgery, it will cost a bit more. In laser surgery as well, there are different types of treatment procedures available, and the doctor will help you to know about the technology they are using along with the price so that you can finalise which treatment you want.

2. The experience the doctor holds:

In most cases, it happens that the experience the doctor holds also has an impact on the cost. In case you are a doctor who is new in this space, there is a possibility he may charge less. But if you are approaching an experienced doctor, the prices will be higher for sure.

3. Condition of the patient:

The condition of the patient is also an important factor to analyse for the cost of prostate laser surgery in India. If a person's condition is minor, the first month's payment may be less, but if it is severe, you must pay the full amount.

4. Pre and post-care:

Pre and post-care also play a big role. Sometimes it happens that before the prostate laser surgery, the doctor will suggest you go through some of the tests and other check-ups to finalise whether you are right for surgery or not. These tests also have a major impact on the cost.

5. Services doctor is providing:

Last but not least, the services the doctor is providing also have a major impact on the cost. In most cases, it happens that doctors have a certain package available for prostate laser surgery, which includes the hospital stay as well. But if the hospital stays are not included in the cost, the prices may be different.

When you are approaching the doctor for prostate laser surgery, do not forget to ask the questions you have considering the treatment.

There are so many questions that may arise that only the doctor can answer. Also, do understand that the doctor will suggest different packages for treatment, and you need to choose the one that is suitable as per your budget.

Why do people consider going for prostate laser treatment?

There are so many reasons for which people consider going for prostate laser treatment, and these are as follows:

  • There will be less bleeding during the process, so there will be no need for patients to worry about any sort of blood loss.
  • A patient will be able to recover very soon after surgery.
  • Patients will get discharged from the hospital within two days and can resume their regular activities within 15 days.
  • During the process, a person will experience less pain. Even after the process is completed, there will be no such complication that can cause any trouble to them.

Is it safe to have prostate laser surgery in 2022?

Thanks to the advancement in the medical field, there is no need for people to go for traditional methods. If you are considering prostate laser surgery, don't worry because it is a safe process, and no complications will arise later on. But be sure of the recovery period to avoid any other problems.

Overall, it is right to conclude, that the prostate laser surgery treatment cost is not very high. People will be able to afford it. But make sure you are approaching the best doctor. As approaching someone who is new to this field can bring so many problems.

Conclusion : Cost of prostate laser surgery in India

When you are approaching the doctor, discuss the condition you are going through in detail. So, he can analyse whether you are dealing with any prostate-related problems or if there is something else. After the surgery as well, the doctor will consider some of the diagnostic tests to figure out whether your recovery is happening at the right scale or not. If there is a change that needs to be made, they will notify you as well.

FAQ: Cost of prostate laser surgery in India

Q.1 - Is laser operation safe for the prostate?

Answer - Laser operation is safe for the prostate, and it is helpful in improving urinary flow for most men. There are very few complications in link with the process, so individuals will be able to deal with it easily.

Q.2 - How long does it take for doctors to do laser surgery on the prostate?

Answer - Within 60-90 minutes, the process of laser surgery will be completed, and doctors will shift the patient from OT to ICU or general ward within the next 45 minutes.

Q.3 - What is the best treatment for an enlarged prostate in India?

Answer - If the condition is curable with medication, the doctor will suggest the same. But if it is not curable with medication, doctors suggest patients go for surgery.

Q.4 - Who is the best doctor for prostate laser surgery in Jaipur?

Answer - Dr. Lokesh Sharma is the best doctor for prostate laser surgery in Jaipur.

Q.5 - For how long do I need to take rest after surgery?

Answer - After surgery a patient need to rest for around 5 to 10 days for complete recovery. It is advisable to have a conversation with the doctor before resuming your regular activities.

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