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What Are The Causes Of Male Infertility In 2022?

Causes of male infertility: Male Infertility is a condition in which a male cannot become a father. This is the condition where the testis is not sufficiently producing the male sex hormone, which as a result, produces sperm. The insufficient quantity of sperm lets the couple face the problem, and the female will not be able to conceive.

If a man is suffering from such a problem, they needs to approach the Urology doctor in Jaipur so that with time, they can get some treatment done and will be able to experience the fortune of becoming a father. Here we are discussing the causes of male infertility in detail so that you can easily contact the doctor and understand the treatment.

Causes of male infertility in 2022:

1. Absence of sperm in semen:

The absence of sperm in semen is known as azoospermia. Due to the absence of sperm, the egg cannot be fertilized, and the female partner will not be able to conceive. Semen is a nutritious substance that allows the sperm to swim, but when it is not there, the same is not possible.

2. Low sperm count:

Low sperm count is the condition known as oligospermia, and the sperm cell count in an adult is less in this condition. When the number is reducing, the chances of sperm entering the egg are decreasing. This is very clear when the sperm count is a low male partner is suffering from male infertility.

3. Klinefelter syndrome:

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic cause in which the testicles are very small. Being very small in size, these cannot produce enough levels of testosterone hormone, and as a result, male infertility takes place.

4. Decreased semen:

Decreased semen is also the condition that causes of male infertility. Semen is a fluid that allows the sperm to swim and move and provide nutrition as well. But when the semen is not inadequate quantity, the sperm will not get enough nutrients, and there will be no scope for the sperm to move. After diagnosing the condition, the urologist will directly tell the person about male infertility.

5. Enlargement of the veins in testicles:

In some males, it has been seen that enlargement of the veins in testicles takes place, due to which it is very difficult for the sperm to move. It has a direct impact on the quality of the sperm and due to which male infertility takes place. If a person is approaching timely, the doctor will diagnose the condition. After it, they will come up with the best possible treatment.

6. Infection:

In today's generation, infections are very common. Some serious infections are there, which causes scarring of the nerves of the reproductive system. When this happens, there is a blockage in tissue due to which the quality of the sperm reduces. As a result, the male partner suffers from infertility.

7. Consumption of drugs and alcohol:

People who consume drugs and alcohol on a regular basis like coco and marijuana produce low-quality sperm and face male infertility. The consumption of these alcohols and drugs does not only affect their overall health but also affect sperm count. Alcohol is responsible for lowering down the testosterone level, which contributes to erectile dysfunction and reduces sperm production.

These are the major causes of main infertility. It is essential to pay attention to it as soon as possible. If you are looking for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in jaipur, Connect with Dr. Lokesh Sharma because he is not only having years of experience in treating such condition but also help you to understand whether the same can be cured or not. He will not keep you in any sort of false hope. Instead, he will help you to look for some solutions that will be best to choose.

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