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What Are The Causes Of Kidney Stones?

Causes of kidney stones

Your kidneys eliminate waste and liquid from your blood to make urine. In some cases, when you have a lot of waste in your body and insufficient liquid in your blood, then this waste can develop and stay together in your kidneys. These bunches of waste are called kidney stones.

Also, a low liquid utilization, dietary components, and an individual's clinical history may add to their turn of events.

It is a hard object that is made up of chemicals in the urine. The stones might be little and pass undetected through the urinary plot, yet some develop to the size of a golf ball. Bigger stones can cause serious torment as they leave the body.

Without treatment, kidney stones can prompt urinary issues, diseases, and kidney harm.

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Types of kidney stones

There are four types of stones and they contain different substances and is very important to know that what types of stones you have so on that basis you can check yourself.

1. Calcium

Most stones are made from calcium in the form of calcium oxalate and phosphate.

Calcium oxalate:

It is that substance that is made by daily our liver. Like some fruits, vegetables, nuts, chocolates are consumed high and also consumed high doses of vitamin D. You have done intestinal bypass surgery and had also metabolic disorder.

Calcium phosphate:

Because of metabolic condition, are not able to maintain proper acid balance in your blood, intake of medications of migraine or seizures.

2. Struvite stone:

These stones caused by the bacteria that is called UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). And it leads to the formations of stones and gets large very quickly.

3. Uric acid stones:

Loose too much fluid because of diarrhea, malabsorption, follow a high protein diet.

4. Cystine stone:

This is a rare type of stones because in this kidney leaked too much amino acid and causes cystine in the urine.

(If you find any of these types or pass a kidney stone then take it to your doctor so that they can send it to the lab and find out what kind it is. If you living in Jaipur and wants treatment in Jaipur then you visit Dr. Lokesh Sharma a Urologist for the best treatment. He has finest lab and experience more than a year)

Causes of Kidney Stones in 2022:

It doesn’t have any definite or single cause but yes, several factors may increase your risk.

The factors are:

  1. A person has kidney issue before
  2. Your family having kidney stones
  3. Don’t drink enough water
  4. You follow a diet that is high in protein and consume too much sugar and salt
  5. Exercise too much or too little
  6. Urine is too acidic
  7. Have any kind of kidney stones which mentioned above
  8. If you have Type-2 Diabetics
  9. If you have Digestive disease
  10. Gone through for surgery like: - Gastric bypass surgery

End Note

(So, these are the main factors that cause kidney stones, and also it depends on the person to person. If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned causes then you should consult a Urologist. If you living in Jaipur and want you to treat yourself in Jaipur then you go to Dr. Lokesh Sharma Urologist in Jaipur and make the appointment and get the best treatment done.)

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