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9 Kidney Stone Myth In 2022

Kidney Stone Myth In 2022 : Kidney stone problem is very common these days. Individuals experiencing it approach the doctor for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur and get it done. But before the treatment, they have an encounter with some myths which make them feel fright night. Well, not anymore, as here we discuss the 9 Kidney Stone Myth In 2022 that you can have encountered.

9 Kidney Stone Myth in 2022:

Myth: Reducing calcium intake helps prevent kidney stone formation

Fact: Reducing overall calcium intake can cause serious illness. It doesn't prevent kidney stone formation, but if not consumed in your daily diet, the body starts to take calcium from the bones for maintaining the levels, and there will be a reduction in bone density. A person has an encounter with a risk of weak bones.

Myth: Consumption of vitamin supplements is safe with kidney stones

Fact: Consumption of vitamin supplements is not safe for people who have already encountered kidney stones. A person is at higher risk of stone development if they have vitamin C supplementation or calcium supplementation in the form of tablets. But if these are required, it is important to approach the urologist in Jaipur for further consultation and understand whether you can have them or not.

Myth: Milk and milk product consumption cause kidney stone

Fact: Consumption of milk and milk products does not lead to kidney stone formation. This is a myth, and this has been proved by researchers as well. The mechanism is entirely different, and calcium is of good quality in dairy products, binds with oxalate in the intestine, and then passes out in the stools. So yes, it is right to conclude that adding milk and milk products do not lead to stone formation in the kidney.

Myth: Seed containing vegetables like tomato and other cause kidney stone

Fact: Seed contain vegetables like tomato, and other cannot cause kidney stone. In vegetables, oxalate is present in a certain quantity, and practically, one cannot avoid eating it. The seeds we consume will pass out of the body through stools as these are not digested. Even if a person has chewed them properly, the oxalate content is not enough for kidney stone formation.

Myth: Cranberries consumption prevent kidney stone formation

Fact: Consuming cranberries prevent urinary tract infection but not a kidney stone. It has high oxalate content and puts the person at higher risk of kidney stone formation.

Myth: Beer consumption or barely water flush the kidney stone out and prevent it

Fact: Alcohol has an adverse effect on kidney health and increases the chances of kidney stone formation. No particular research confirms that barley water prevents kidney stones or their recurrence. Kidney stones flush out from the body through a good urine flow. Thus, it is important to consume an adequate amount of fluids.

Myth: Kidney stone can be diagnosed with pain only

Fact: Kidney stone comes up with different problems. It causes some serious health issues if you have not approached the doctor for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur. In most cases, there will be swelling on the kidney, kidney failure, urinary tract infection, weight loss, and so on. Pain is also there with these conditions.

Myth: Treatment is the only option for kidney stones

Fact: Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle can also be the option for treating small kidney stones. If the kidney stone is large and has occupied a different location in the kidney, then only treatment is the solution. Apart from that, adequate liquid consumption prevents it. Surgical treatment is for those stones that are in the pipes and are large in size.

Myth: Home remedies can dissolve kidney stones

Fact: Home remedies have nothing to do with dissolving kidney stones. No particular medicine is there to date that can dissolve kidney stones.

Following are the myth and facts related to a kidney stone. If you are facing such a problem, make sure to approach the urologist timely. You can approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma as he is the best one in the town and help you to come out of all the myths and facts. If there is no need for a particular surgery, he suggests the best medication to get rid of it.

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