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10 Ways To Prevent Kidney Stone In 2021.

10 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stone: Kidney stones are annoying, and after diagnosis, it is important to take utmost care. These days, it is common, so yes, it is important to know 10 ways to prevent kidney stone in 2022In this read, we explore all the best possible ways to a kidney stone.

10 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stone in 2022:-

Stay Hydrated:

Dehydration is the major cause behind low urine output, due to which urine salt dissolves less. These are responsible for kidney stone formation. Staying hydrated can prevent it. According to a kidney stone specialist in Jaipur, staying hydrated is the best way to prevent kidney stone formation and is also helpful in relieving different diseases and problems.

Maintain Sodium Intake:

High sodium intake reaches calcium kidney stones. According to research, high salt content in urine prevents calcium from reabsorbing from the urine to the blood. Therefore, maintain it, and for reducing sodium intake, a person must be sure about dietary habits and prevent the notorious food having high sodium content like canned vegetables, processed food, food having sodium bicarbonate and so on.

Consume Calcium-Rich Food:

Calcium-rich food is good to consume. A diet having low calcium content leads to kidney stone risk, and osteoporosis may also take place. Combine calcium supplements with a meal which reduces the risk. For maintaining calcium requirement, one can consume low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, and low-fat yogurt.

Consume Less Animal Protein:

Foods having high animal protein are acidic and increase urine acid. It leads to uric acid and calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. Therefore, limit the same and pay attention to what you are consuming. If you face any stone problem, approach Dr. Lokesh Sharma in Jaipur for kidney stone treatment in Jaipur.

Limit Oxalate-Rich food:

Foods enriched with oxalate bind calcium in the urine and lead to stone formation. Thus, avoid oxalate-rich food and limit the same. The major foods having high oxalate content include chocolate, peanuts, Soya products, wheat bran, etc.

Include Herbal Remedies:

Herbal remedies are important to include. Some herbal remedies like Chanca Piedra are known as stone breakers and the best remedy for kidney stones. It is also responsible for stone formation. Including it regularly in the diet reduces the existing stones as well.

Avoid Vitamin C Supplements:

Vitamin C is integral, but high content will lead to kidney stone formation. The high dose of vitamin C supplement puts the person at double risk of kidney stone formation.

Avoid Stone-Forming Foods:

Some food supplements are there are responsible for kidney stone formation. It is important to limit them or avoid them completely. Make sure to ask the kidney stone specialist in Jaipur about the food you can consume if you have ever experienced kidney stone pain.

Check out the Medication:

Certain medications are also there, which results in kidney stones. Make sure to ask your doctor about the medications you are on currently.

Conversation with a Doctor:

Lastly, have a conversation with your doctor considering kidney stones. He will suggest you something according to your health so that there will be no further problem.

Here we have discussed the best possible 10 ways to prevent kidney stone in 2022. Approach the best urologist in Jaipur for further help. He is a senior Urology Doctor in Jaipur, having 15 yrs of experience in urology. He has concentrated on medication at the renowned SMS Medical College Jaipur.

He has the best and highly-rated Urologist in Jaipur, represented considerable authority in stone a medical procedure, laparoscopic surgery, renal transplant, malignancy surgery, urethral construction disease, and hypospadias, aside from routine urological procedures.

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