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Kidney Stone Specialist In Jaipur.

The issue of kidney stones is being seen in most people these days. According to a study, 15 percent of people in India have kidney stone problems and in 50 percent of them, the disease ends with kidney failure. These figures are enough to define the appalling state of this issue, but despite this, it is unfortunate that most people are not aware of this issue. Because of this they are not able to get the proper treatment for it. If they had full knowledge about it, perhaps they too would have gotten rid of this disease.

Kidney stones, also known as nephrolithiasis, are made up of minerals and salts that form mainly in the kidneys. Huh. This problem can occur due to many reasons and if left untreated for a long time, it can affect the part of the urinary tract – which runs from the kidneys to the bladder.


Types of Kidney Stone

There are commonly 4 types of kidney stone, which are given below

Calcium stones

Calcium stones

Most types of kidney stones are calcium stones, usually in the form of calcium oxalates. Oxalate is a naturally occurring substance that is found in food and is produced daily by the liver. Certain fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and chocolate also contain high amounts of oxalate.

Discharged stones

Discharged stones

Struvite stones are caused by an infection, which mainly occurs in the urinary tract. These stones can grow quickly and can become quite large.

Uric Acid Stones

Uric Acid Stones

These stones are more common in people who do not consume enough fluids or who eat a high protein diet. Uric acid stones are more common in men than women, who have more acid in their urine.

Cystine stones

Cystine stones

However, this is such a type of kidney stone, which occurs in very few people. This issue happens mainly in people who have genetic disorders. In the case of cystine stones, an acid called cystine leaks from the kidneys into the urine.

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Dr. Lokesh Sharma

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Dr. Lokesh Sharma is one of the highly experienced and Senior Urologist in Jaipur, providing world class treatment of kidney stone, UTI, prostate and pediatric urology at affordable rates. He has more than 15+ years of experience in this field. His expertise lies in the treatment of uro oncology, prostate laser surgery, stone laser surgery, urinary tract infection (UTI), urinary incontinence, blood in urine (hematuria) treatment, minimally invasive urology, circumcision, etc.

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Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones have some symptoms of their own, which indicate the existence of this problem. Therefore, if a person sees
the following symptoms, then he should take them seriously and inform the doctor immediately


Pain while urinating

This is a common symptom of stone disease, in which a person feels a lot of pain while urinating. In this condition the pain occurs before the end of urine.


Frequent urination

If a person has to urinate frequently, then he may have kidney stones. Therefore, a person should take this problem seriously and inform the doctor immediately.



If a person has fever, and he does not get better with any medicine, then he should inform a doctor because it can be a symptom of kidney stones.



It has been seen many times that a person has repeated vomiting due to stone disease. Although vomiting is not taken seriously, in this situation the person should take it seriously so that he does not face any other trouble.


Intermittent urination

If a person has intermittent urine, it can be a symptom of kidney stones as it indicates the presence of this problem. That is why no person should ignore it and seek medical help immediately.


Blood in urine

Another symptom of stone disease is the presence of blood in the urine. Therefore, no person should take any step in this situation without the advice of a doctor because doing so can prove to be harmful for him.

Causes of Kidney Stone

The stone disease can occur due to many reasons, which every person should be aware of.
This problem can occur mainly due to 5 reasons, which are as follows


Eating a diet rich in protein, salt or glucose

If a person eats food containing high amounts of protein, salt or glucose, then he may get kidney stones. For this reason, people should eat such kinds of food in which there is a proper amount of protein, salt or glucose.


Having Thyroid

If a person has thyroid, then he may have a problem with kidney stones. Therefore, a person suffering from thyroid should get tested so that it can be confirmed whether he has a problem with stones or not.


Being overweight

Kidney stones can also occur in people who are overweight. For this, people should keep their weight under control.


Bypass surgery

The issue of kidney stones can also happen to a person who has recently had a bypass surgery. This is mainly because of the side effects of this surgery.



It is believed that having a sufficient amount of water in the body is very important because essential elements are present in it. Therefore, a person who does not drink proper water, he is more likely to get a stone issue.

Causes of Kidney Stone

The stone disease can occur due to many reasons, which every person should be aware of.
This problem can occur mainly due to 5 reasons, which are as follows

Increased risk of infection
Increased risk of infection
Renal colic
Renal colic
Kidney failure
Kidney failure
Ureteral injury
Ureteral injury

Kidney Stone Treatment

There are two types of kidney stone treatment which is given below.

Laser Treatment

Laser kidney stone surgery is a procedure in which a kidney stone is operated on with the help of a laser beam and a ureteroscope. In a kidney stone laser operation, there is no incision in the kidney and after two days of treatment, the patient can be discharged and he can easily carry out his regular routine.

Minimal Invasive Technique

Minimal invasive surgery is usually used in cases where there is no other method of treatment. Cases of kidney hardening, tumors, stones are often prime examples of situations where minimally invasive surgery comes into action.



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Frequently Asked Question

If the stone disease is not treated at the right time, then it can take a fatal form
and there can be many risks, the main 5 of which are as follows

1. What are the early symptoms of kidney stones?

Early symptoms of kidney stone include abdominal pain, burning sensation while urinating, nausea or vomiting, blood in urine, etc. Thus, if a person sees these symptoms, he should immediately go to the doctor and get his health checked so that the treatment of this disease can be started in time

2. How can kidney stones be removed?

Kidney stones can be removed by drinking plenty of water, taking painkillers, taking therapy, etc.

3. How long does it take for a kidney stone to pass?

The time taken for the removal of kidney stone mainly depends on its size. For example- if the size of a stone is 5 or 6 mm, then it comes out in a few days, then it may take 6 weeks for the stone to grow out of it.

4. What kind of food should not be taken with kidney stones?

A person suffering from kidney stones should not consume things containing more seeds like chillies, tomatoes, beans, kidney beans, etc. as it can spoil his health.

5. Can I eat bananas for kidney stones?

Yes, bananas can be eaten with kidney stones. It is clear from some studies that there are elements in bananas, which help in the removal of stones.

6. Can kidney stones be treated without surgery?

Although people consider the treatment of kidney stones as surgery, it can also be treated by home remedies, medicines, therapy etc. Doctors recommend surgery to any person with kidney stones only when his kidney stone becomes very large, which cannot be removed in any other way.

7. What are the risks of long-term non-exacerbation of kidney stones?

It is believed that if a disease is not treated in time, then it can take a serious form after some time.
This also applies to kidney stones, as people suffering from it may face risks like blockage of the ureter, feeling weak, infection in other parts of the body, kidney failure, etc.

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